The Benefits of a Guided Nature Session

Why do I need a guided nature session, when I can just go out
and take a walk in the woods by myself?

As a society, we are stressed out! Our hyper-speed culture, places a high value on productivity, and with the ever present demands of technology, and lack of sleep, stress has become the #1 contributor blocking our overall health & wellness. We simply do not take the time out to dwell in the forest and benefit from its amazing healing potential. Recess for adults and children are limited, and we are only now studying and recognizing the benefits of daydreaming and meditation…we have forgotten how to disconnect and relax.

Because we are out of practice, it is simply easier and more effective when you can give yourself permission to fully relax and immerse yourself into the shinrin yoku experience through a guided nature session.

A guided nature session is an intentional partnership with the forest that creates a profound coaching experience. Through a series of invitations, we work together to stimulate inspiration, foster awareness, reflection, and connection back to self.

Alexandra's Personal Story

Ever since I was a little girl, I intuitively practiced “forest bathing”.

I did not understand at the time that it was a wise and inspired coping skill. All I knew as a child was that it felt good and I felt safe. I have always seen trees as my elders, the true keepers of time, wisdom and universal secrets. Their silent, steady and strong presence helped me to trust in a chaotic and sometimes confusing world.

Throughout my youth and adult years, the trees and the forests of my life have brought me great healing, have washed my sorrows, brought inspired solutions, and renewed my faith and place in this world. And so, it is my great desire to bring inspired solutions, healing and renewal to others.  By offering forest guided coaching sessions to individuals and groups, I hope to bring this same power and potential of the forest to others.

Shinrin Yoku & Forest Bathing

Aligning With and Liberating Your Inner Visionary

A guided woodland wisdom session is an intentional and powerful process that deepens your connection to the unique seat of wisdom that resides within you.

This pioneering, immersion program invites life-changing transformation into higher consciousness, enhanced awareness, greater clarity, and liberation from the limiting stories that keep us stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled.  This returning to our natural state can be the catalyst to inspire you with life affirming answers for your life path. This process will help you to detach from the stress of your external world, connecting you with nature and the healing energies of the trees.

Nature instills in us a sense of awe, expanding our patterned habitual thoughts, opening us up to creative thinking beyond our current reality.  Using our senses with intentional methods, we will harmonize with the environment, opening and connecting to the forests natural way of inviting meditation, mindfulness and magic.

The Extraordinary Physical Benefits of Forest Bathing

Shinrin Yoku

Scientific research has now proven that simply breathing in the forest air can improve your immune functioning along with other amazing health benefits. Breathing in phytoncides emitted from trees enhances human natural killer cell activity, improves our immune system function, and decreases stress hormones. Personal benefits include mental health and overall wellness and affect depression, PTSD, ADHD and many others. 

Additional beneficial effects of repeated forest bathing are long-lasting, and include the following:

  • Reduced Stress
  • Lower Blood Sugar
  • Greater concentration

  • Diminished Pain
  • Improved Immunity
  • Gentle Exercise and Increased Sense of Well-Being

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