Personal Coaching

The Wisdom Alliance Way

What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

  • Is there an area of your life where you feel stuck, dissatisfied or uninspired?
  • Do you long for greater understanding of your life’s journey and how you can create a more joyful, intentional, and prosperous future?
  • Do you wish to make peace with your past, your emotions, and the parts of yourself that block you from creating joy and success in life?
  • Do you yearn to unconditionally love and accept all that you are to become all that you wish to be?
  • Do you feel that life is happening “to you” and seek greater clarity and courage to direct your life?

A Coaching Partnership

The Wisdom Alliance Way is a unique coaching partnership that integrates and transforms all areas of your life, creating a ripple effect of positive change, a return to inner peace, inner knowing, and greater joy.

Together, we dive deeply into what is blocking you from the life you desire.  We extract and bring light to the wisdom of any self-constructed barriers by using transformative tools that enable you to move forward with newly inspired awareness, insights, and the power to create what you desire.

The Wisdom Alliance Way:

  • Addresses and reveals your gift of choice & responsibility.
  • Uncovers your process of deliberate, inspired creation.
  • Teaches foundational, profound emotional education.
  • Shifts your stories and reclaims all wisdom buried within YOU!
  • Exposes the unconscious internal saboteurs that keep you from what you want and turns them into personal power tools.
  • Brings to light all of the gifts you possess to attain, to accomplish and become all that you desire.

“Those blocks on your life journey can either be stumbling blocks or building blocks. It’s up to you to choose…”

Wisdom Alliance Coaching is done via weekly phone sessions on a mutually agreed upon day and time set each week to build ease, momentum, commitment and comfort for you.

A complimentary, initial discovery session of approximately one hour will be conducted to address any questions or concerns and to determine if The Wisdom Alliance Way is a good fit for you.

A ten consecutive week program commitment is recommended to start to create and build upon momentum for positive change. From there, ongoing coaching can be scheduled to meet your needs.

Contact Alexandra for a complimentary discovery session today!