Group Coaching

The Wisdom Alliance Way for Groups of Individuals

The Wisdom Alliance Way is a radical approach to transforming individuals of a chosen group into an alliance for benefit to themselves and others.  Harvesting the wisdom and underutilized talents of your existing chosen group of individuals will bring about positive transformation that directly effects growth and overall wellness in your organization.

  • Are your leaders in alignment with themselves and in alliance with others?
  • How do you collaborate with your chosen group of individuals to invite innovation and relationship building?

Not a "One Size Fits All' World

Current models for governing, coaching and leading groups of people in an organization are beginning to change.  The application of outdated corporate logic, language, assessments and process are no longer working.   Traditional external motivators only go so far and require constant review assessment and are not sustainable for many individuals.  This is not a “one size fits all” world.   As life around us changes, so do we as individuals and that has a trickledown effect on the groups we gather in.

When individuals begin to realize their ability to create greater clarity and confidence within their lives, a positive, seismic shift happens when they gather in assigned/chosen groups.  A new energy source will be tapped, inviting ingenuity, increased performance, with greater satisfaction for the individuals and the group’s dynamic resulting performance.

The Wisdom Alliance Way to Greater Personal & Professional Success within Your Organization

Tribal Wisdom Building:

Take your leadership to a higher dimension…safely removing the barriers and roles to connect in a powerful and meaningful way.  Invite a personal path to commitment building as individuals, while empowering others to do the same. Develop the role of individual responsibility and choice for wellness and success.

Tapping Into & Seeding Talent:

Identifying and supporting individuals’ needs and potential gifts for greater performance and satisfaction within an alliance.

Navigating Challenges Creatively:

Strip away the definitions and old habit mindset by removing structures and patterns that are blocking the success of group alliance.  Instead of the old paradigm “thinking outside the box”, applying the “there is no box” perspective to invite innovative solutions and stewardship.

Reconstruction by Surrendering into the NOW:

Using the path of acceptance and surrender to the current environment within your alliance to release and rebuild for greater clarity, focus and positive forward momentum.

We simply address and cultivate individual needs while creating an exciting, dynamic group alliance.