• Stories We Tell Ourselves; New Ideas for the New Year

    1 January 2018

    Our human brain is naturally wired to extrapolate data, categorize, and label the experiences of our life. We make judgments, with awareness or not, that we file away in the archives of a massive database in our brains, and within our cellular memory. We do this strategically as a powerful survival mechanism starting at the earliest of age.  We arrange our world and our stories about ourselves, about others, and about the world at large, and about what we can or cannot do.  We are influenced by the collective beliefs of our culture and religion.   What initially may begin as […]

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  • The Year End Acknowledgement

    20 December 2015

    The Year End Acknowledgement & Intention Exercise When you step up into your light and acknowledge all that you are and all that you have accomplished, you ascend into a higher state of wholeness and shine a beacon of light for others. Many of us are able to acknowledge those around us who we love or admire, but do we really do it enough for ourselves? We are the only species on the planet that chooses a scarcity mindset.  And I believe that many New Year’s resolutions are difficult to follow because they can be grounded in lack and/or negative […]

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  • The “All-Purpose” Underutilized Superpower ~ Gratitude

    16 November 2015

    As we gather together for the holiday of Thanksgiving, our thoughts and rituals of sharing turn to the things and the people we are thankful for.  This may be the only time during the year when we take a pause to reflect purposefully with Gratitude. Most of us reach for the all-healing emotion of Gratitude only when tested; when we make it through a fiery challenge, attain a lofty goal, or when observing someone or something we love.  But did you know that there are hundreds of other ways that Gratitude can be called upon to elevate and empower your […]

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  • A Swan Song

    2 November 2015

    Close to 16 years ago, I joined with a small band of neighbors over concern for the proposed development of a parcel of open space land that connected several surrounding neighborhoods. This parcel had been left unattended for at least a decade or more, and had grown wildly in vegetation, trees, was home to scores of wild critters, birds, and also featured a small pond. When we discovered that the town planned to level the 27 acre parcel of land without a comprehensive approved plan for future development, this group of neighbors became curious and requested additional information about this […]

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  • Shift Your Relationship with Time to Create Greater Inner Peace

    6 September 2015

     Have you ever stopped to think about what your relationship with time is? All of us have a “time perspective” or viewpoint that can either help us or hurt us when left unchecked.  We all know someone who seems to be trapped in their past or their future, and we can easily see in others how this viewpoint can be limiting.  Have you ever checked in with yourself to acknowledge how you utilize your relationship with time? Here are 5 major “time types” to consider… Past-negative: You focus on negative personal experiences that continue to have power to upset you, […]

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  • Inviting Inspiration

    2 June 2015

    The origin of the word inspire dates back to 1300’s Middle English inspiren, which in Latin means to breathe upon or into…of extraordinary quality, as if arising from an external creative impulse. How do we invite and create an inspired life?  It can be as simple as a momentary pause,  a breather, a shift into a state of “not-knowing” , welcoming what Zen Buddhism refers to as Shoshin,  an attitude of openness, eagerness  and a “beginner’s mind.” Not so easy in this world of chronic busyness!  We all want to be “in the know.”  While our striving may be helpful […]

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  • The Parable of the Trapeze

    1 May 2013

      Two summers ago, I tried something new with the intention to reignite my courage and confidence, to go someplace I had never been before, to shake things up……the truth was… to shake up my life. I went on a weekend outing with my college roomies, and boy, oh boy, it was the scariest thing I have ever done to date (Note: I am the mother of four boys…yes, four!) ….I signed up with the New York Flying Trapeze school. This trapeze experience made me think about where I was at, at that point in my life, and the pushing […]

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