About Alexandra

Meet Alexandra Lowry

Alexandra’s passion for coaching is driven by her desire to help others achieve success, greater meaning & joy in their lives. Alexandra’s proven methods teach awareness, resilience and self-reliance to create greater clarity, confidence and courage for individuals and groups that ignites inspired action.

Prior to creating The Wisdom Alliance Way, Alexandra spent many successful years as a corporate professional.

Credentials and Affiliations

  • Certified Integrative Coach Professional, Ford Institute for Transformational Training
  • Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Mike Dooley Organization TUT
  • Grief Facilitator Mary’s Place, Windsor, CT
  • Faculty Advisor Women’s Independent Network
  • Co-Founder Handbags with Heart – The Purse Project
  • Business Leadership Certificate, University of Hartford
  • Membership International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Facilitating Transformational Workships-Group Dynamics & the Power of Presence (Ken Nelson)
  • Certified Ramble Guide, Connecticut Forest & Park Association
  • Member Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides and Programs
  • Founder, The Wisdom Alliance, LLC, “The Wisdom Alliance Way”

From Our Clients

“Your coaching helped me so my soooo much and it was perfectly timed during one of the darker times in my life. But I kept going, kept working and now things are finally moving in a very positive direction!! I will always be thankful for those visits with you.”


If you are considering counseling, but feel traditional methods aren’t for you I highly recommend Integrative Life Coaching. It has been a privilege and my pleasure to work with Alex on my journey. Alex gave me the safety and support to delve into those parts of myself I wouldn’t have otherwise. She listened to me without judgment or condemnation always giving positive feedback and support. Alex is honestly caring and your journey with her will stay with you for a long time to come…

Cathie L.

Alex has helped me uncover what was blocking me from moving forward in my life.  The changes I have made feel grounded in my truth and will be everlasting.  I have the tools and the structures to take control of my life and I have gained more understanding & connection around what I want for my life!

Beatrice H.

Working with Alex has opened up a direction for my life.  I am finally in step with my future!”

Peter R.

Alex came into my life at a time of tremendous turmoil in my work life – that had spilled into MY daily living affecting relationships with family, friends and pets, my sleep, my whole being. I was hurting but didn’t know how much and did not see a way out of the black hole I was in. I began to feel that I had some control over my situation that seemed out of control. And I did truly begin to feel like myself once more. Thank you!

Nancy M.

I started working with Alex during a time in my life when general life stress and emotional baggage had caused me to bury my creative goals. Soon the magic started happening. Excuses dissolved. I uncovered blocks I didn’t know I had, and transformed them. I created an “excuse-free zone”. I felt empowered, set boundaries, and… predictably, the emotional vultures backed off. In a short time, just this coaching relationship transformed my existence!

Melissa P.

After working with Alexandra my results were:  LIFE CHANGING –

I felt a shift in my heart and realized everything that has happened to me was a teaching moment and lesson to learn from.  I found gifts in me I never would have identified on my own.  I made peace with myself in such a short period of time.

Today I feel a spiritual awakening and thirst for more each day. I have a rebirth of positive energy.  I can believe and trust in myself like never before.  I have control over how I react to a situation which is the key to giving me the life I want to live.

Tammy D.