The Year End Acknowledgement

20 December 2015

The Year End Acknowledgement & Intention Exercise

When you step up into your light and acknowledge all that you are and all that you have accomplished, you ascend into a higher state of wholeness and shine a beacon of light for others.

Many of us are able to acknowledge those around us who we love or admire, but do we really do it enough for ourselves?

We are the only species on the planet that chooses a scarcity mindset.  And I believe that many New Year’s resolutions are difficult to follow because they can be grounded in lack and/or negative vibes and not in abundance.

And so, as a new approach, I offer you this “Year End Acknowledgement” exercise and urge you to give yourself the gift of completing this simple, yet powerful exercise, prior to the end of January 1, 2016.  Make a date with yourself and open up to some wonderful insights about who you are and what is possible!

Take your 2015 calendar out, review it slowly week to week & begin making a list of all your accomplishments….big or seemingly small…don’t over think or analyze each item for worthiness, just make the list.  List any event that had a positive outcome….introducing yourself to a stranger, trying a new food, fixing the faucet by yourself, taking a yoga class, all the way up to ending a toxic relationship, finally taking that dream trip, going back to school, shifting into the career of your dreams…absolutely ANYTHING you can recall that had a positive impact on you.

Sit back and take a good look at your list.  Do any themes immediately surface for you?  Courage…connection….improving health…feeding your spirit?….ask your heart to let it come forth from deep within you.  If nothing comes up right away, go back to it later on.

Next, with a fresh sheet of paper…create a “soul map” or theme for moving forward into 2016.  Start by making a large circle in the center to represent a theme for the New Year.  Last year, my theme was “Whole Health”, and this year I believe it will be “Joy”.  Draw branches coming off to represent the different areas of your life you would like to transform ….relationships, career, service, health, spirit, fun, and hobbies, any areas you wish to enhance moving forward.  Then, off of these branches, write down 3 actions steps (they don’t have to be big!) you can take in each area that relates to your center theme.

Now you have a map to refer to in the New Year that will help you come back to center and focus when you are seeking clarity in your life and the commitment to stay on track for what you truly want to achieve moving forward.

Most of all, have fun with this, celebrate your accomplishments and breathe it all in……” “You, yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. “  Buddha

Wishing you all a blessed & abundant 2016!