The “All-Purpose” Underutilized Superpower ~ Gratitude

16 November 2015

As we gather together for the holiday of Thanksgiving, our thoughts and rituals of sharing turn to the things and the people we are thankful for.  This may be the only time during the year when we take a pause to reflect purposefully with Gratitude.

Most of us reach for the all-healing emotion of Gratitude only when tested; when we make it through a fiery challenge, attain a lofty goal, or when observing someone or something we love.  But did you know that there are hundreds of other ways that Gratitude can be called upon to elevate and empower your life?

The energy of Gratitude is the underutilized super power that diminishes and shifts any negative energy force you can imagine…. worry, regrets, judgments, criticism, self-loathing, facing down fear, destructive emotions, physical ailments, and so on.  It’s the “all purpose” tonic that can be applied to any challenging situation.  It’s the equalizer, stabilizer, antidote, and doorway to restoring inner peace.

This superpower is yours at any given moment and for any situation you choose to wield it!

Start with little things such as frustration with traffic.  Or begin to apply it to any frequent trigger issues.  All you need to do is take a pause, take a breath, and imagine something or someone you are grateful for….breathe that in as many times needed to dissolve whatever negativity might be rushing through you.  Even if all you can imagine in the moment is the memory of a delicious cup of coffee you had earlier, or that you even own a car, reflect and breathe in gratitude.   Keep breathing that in and call upon the superpower of gratitude in your daily life to experience the healing shift that that can be the cure for any and all grievances, pain and conflict – inner & outer that you are experiencing currently in your life.