Inviting Inspiration

2 June 2015

The origin of the word inspire dates back to 1300’s Middle English inspiren, which in Latin means to breathe upon or into…of extraordinary quality, as if arising from an external creative impulse.

How do we invite and create an inspired life?  It can be as simple as a momentary pause,  a breather, a shift into a state of “not-knowing” , welcoming what Zen Buddhism refers to as Shoshin,  an attitude of openness, eagerness  and a “beginner’s mind.”

Not so easy in this world of chronic busyness!  We all want to be “in the know.”  While our striving may be helpful in moments, when prolonged, it can be a disaster for the human spirit, blocking our soul whispers and inner wisdom guidance.  In this society of doing greater, farther, and faster, we can lose ourselves in a tempest of what amounts to “counterfeit success”.  A habitual response to the proverbial “how are you?” is now, “so busy!” expressed as if a badge of courage or reflection of self-importance.

As human beings, our ego mind is naturally wired to classify, categorize and judge all that we experience.  While extremely helpful in paying the bills, our ego logic mind will never bring forth inspiration like our sacred intuition will.  How can you invite inspiration and creativity if your mind is constantly cluttered?  Create the space.

Ask yourself these questions…What valuable, creative ideas am I missing in the narrowness of my thinking?  What doors of opportunity am I slamming shut by closed mindedness, or by my perceived expertise?”  How am I limiting my experiences by my preconceptions of the world?  Do I have a growth mindset or a fixed one…and is my belief system one of abundance or lack?  Simply asking yourself these questions can lead you to greater awareness and spark insights that lead to inspiration!

Practicing “beginners mind” can greatly enrich your overall experience of life, inviting more joy, love, and creativity than you can imagine.  It will help you in facing setbacks, or disappointments. And, it is not to be confused with denial or irresponsible thinking.  It is a powerful choice you can exercise to take a pause and decide for yourself what it is you are here to learn.

And, in this pause, you might just find something magical and inspiring that will take you down a path you may not have seen before.